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Where do I go from here?

A question frequently asked by clients prompted Christine Stobbs to develop this career management programme several years ago, as an alternative way of helping people move forward with their lives. The programme is specifically designed for those who feel they are at a cross-roads in life and aren't sure which way to go or what to do next.

It consists of a series of exercises and one-to-one sessions that can assist the individual in making decisions about the career changes they want to make, the goals they want to achieve and how to go about making it happen. When appropriate, psychometric assessment is used, particularly when considering career change options. Through this we can measure retraining potential or examine the ideal working environment for an individual’s personality. We work to time-scales and deadlines to ensure that the client is kept on track and able to achieve their goal.

Since its inception, the "Where do I go from here?" programme has helped all kinds of people make significant career changes.

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